One day, we hope to see women equally represented in every realm of business – from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Right now, however, that is not our reality.

Our organization strives to educate and prepare young women through hands-on experience and learning. We hold seminars, workshops, and Q&A sessions in our communities, hoping to expand to many more throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, we support and spread the word of other events like ours to promote the programs of others seeking to make change in out community. Most importantly, we have collected and reviewed many books, articles, podcasts and more, so go check out our resources page to find more information!

We want to stimulate interest in business for women of all races, incomes, and socioeconomic classes so that WE – as women – may all support one another to make a change in this world. We hope for all women to have the knowledge and resources to succeed in entrepreneurial and business endeavors.